Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BS - From the HF Morning Bell

The REAL problem is the GOP,
and the Haters - Posting BS like this.
The Govt is NOT our enemy.
What would YOUR Town be like
Addressing Congress on the State of the Union, President Ronald Reagan told the American people in 1982:
"Our citizens feel they’ve lost control of even the most basic decisions made about the essential services of government, such as schools,
roads, and
even garbage collection.
And they’re right.

A maze of interlocking jurisdictions and levels of government confronts average citizens in trying to solve even the simplest of problems.

They don’t know where to turn for answers,
who to hold accountable,
who to praise,
who to blame,
who to vote for
or against.

The main reason for this is the overpowering growth of
Federal grants-in-aid programs during the past few decades."


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